Midweek Announcements for August 4

Schedule for the Coming Week at Resurrection Church

Sunday, August 7

10:00 am – Worship: Pastor Linman’s Concluding Sunday with Farewell Event Following Worship

Monday, August 8

7:30 pm – Executive Committee via Zoom

Tuesday, August 9

7:00 pm – Meeting of local neighborhood civic associations with The Village School concerning traffic and parking management during the school year (Parish Hall)

Thursday, August 11

7:30 pm – Congregation Council

Sunday, August 14

10:00 am – Worship
11:15 am – Social Justice Learning Group in Room 13

Pastor Linman’s Final Sunday – August 7

Pastor Linman will conclude his ministry with us on Sunday, August 7 when rites for the conclusion of a ministry and farewell and Godspeed will be observed during worship. A time for fellowship will follow worship.

With Thanks to Amanda Lindamood

As part of the whole fabric of transition at Resurrection Church, our Youth Ministry Director, Amanda Lindamood, will also be departing in early August as a member of our staff. Amanda has done excellent work with creative programming for our youth, including confirmation instruction. Amanda has also been especially effective in heralding a vision of faith formation that is intergenerational and holistic, and she consistently called our attention to matters of social justice that are integral dimensions of our life of faith. We thank her for her work here and dedication to this congregation.

Sunday Supply Pastors

Glen Mason, Council President, and at his direction Pastor Gordon Lathrop, member at Resurrection, have been compiling a list of clergy who will preach and preside at our 10am liturgy on Sundays. We have been told that it is difficult right now to find supply pastors. Nonetheless, the list is now complete through the end of October. In August after the 7th, first Pastor Lathrop and then Pastor Sarah Krey, Bishop’s Assistant in our Synod, will preach and preside. In September our leadership will again be Pastor Lathrop together with Bishop Richard Graham, former Bishop of our Synod, and Professor James Farwell of the Virginia Theological Seminary. And in October, Pastor Krey, Bishop Graham, and Professor Farwell will all come again and will be joined by Professor Shawn Strout, also of the Virginia Seminary. Join us on Sunday as we continue our congregation’s life and worship.

Pastors on Call for Emergencies and Other Needs

In addition to supply pastors for Sundays, pastors will be on call for members of the congregation to contact in case of pastoral emergency and other pastoral needs. Pastor Amy Feira has agreed to be on call for such pastoral needs for most of the month of August and through the end of September. Pastor Feira can be reached at: (703) 303-9388 and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. During the week of August 8-12, the interim pastor at Faith Lutheran Church will be on call for us: Pr. Susanne Blume – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or 202.422.4348.

Announcements and Steeple Light Editor

Alexandra Mattson, daughter of long-time member Ilse Mattson, who has been serving as editor of our now quarterly Steeple Light newsletter, will now also serve as the editor of our weekly announcements messages, working closely with Council President, Glen Mason. Should you have items to be included in the weekly announcements, kindly send them via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Collection of Food Items for AFAC on Sunday, August 14

We will receive donations of food items for AFAC on Sunday, August 14 in conjunction with our regular worship service.

The next Social Justice Learning Group meeting will be on August 14th. All are welcome!

Discussion will include a review of Synod efforts relating to Racial Equity and how RELC can be involved as well as other potential efforts to further inform and educate our congregation.

Member Information Form

In an effort to create an updated membership directory with the most current, accurate and preferred contact information, you’ve now received a message which contains a member information form which we ask each member of the congregation to fill out and return to the church office. This message and the form has come to you via Constant Contact.

Can't make it to church? Watch us Live! Now Livestreaming Worship

To view our 10:00 AM Sunday worship service on YouTube live, click on the live worship link on the RELC home page on Sunday mornings during the worship hour and be redirected to the YouTube live stream. The Live Stream will "go live" at 9:55AM on each Sunday morning. To view the service at a later time, go to our YouTube Channel. Click on the videos tab to browse archives of past services. Click on the Subscribe button and create an account to be notified when Live Streams are started or when other videos are added. For any questions, please contact the pastor.

Intercessory Prayer During the Time of Pastoral Transition

During the time after Pastor Linman departs and before an interim pastor is named or a new pastor called, we will suspend the compilation of a formal and published prayer list. Our intercessory prayer lists are crafted and maintained by the pastor who receives names and who exercises pastoral discretion and care in relation to those named and those who name them. Without an interim or called pastor to generate and maintain the list and to follow up pastorally concerning those named, an intercessory prayer list would be challenging to maintain with pastoral integrity and sensitivity. That said, each Sunday’s prayers of intercession include a petition during which members of the worshiping assembly can call out aloud specific names of persons for whom they would like to pray, and during this time of pause, worshipers can also name persons in the silence of their hearts and minds. Please be assured that your prayerful intents and those of the whole worshiping assembly are heard by God.