Home Worship for May 17, 2020

Dear members of God’s family at Resurrection church,

We are at the Sixth Sunday of Easter. And this Sunday comes to us as a downpay- ment on Pentecost. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Spirit of God is poured out on us, helping us to know, no matter where we are, the nearness of God. Join together to read these texts, pray these prayers, read or listen to the ser- mon of our Pastor, and sing with our Musician at 10am on Sunday, May 17. We are not orphans; in the word and by the Spirit Christ comes to us, gathering us into the love of his Father. The Holy Trinity holds us. This is the hope of which we are called to gently give account in this needy time.

Christ is risen! Alleluia 

Worship material for May 17, 2020

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Music Notes

Hymn of the Day: “Now the Green Blade Rises”, #379
Text: John MacLeod Campbell Crum (1872-1958)
Tune: NOEL NOUVELET, French Carol

Many of us know this French carol tune as a Christmas carol. But the Easter text was written to this specific tune, which goes back at least to the late 15th century and may derive from one of the plainchants for “Ave maris stella.” The text begins with the imagery of the green blade of the new plant and continues throughout the hymn.

Musical Reflection: "Come Down O Love Divine"
Mark Sedio (1954)

Mark Sedio currently serves as Cantor at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis where his responsibilities are varied: organist, choirmaster, resident composer, worship planner and educator. He is also on the music staff of Luther Seminary in St. Paul. Sedio has served as a clinician and lecturer in the areas of worship, liturgy, adult and children's choirs, hymnody and psalmody, and cross-culture music.

Choir Anthem: "Christ the Lord Is Risen Again!"
Anthony Foster (1926- 2012)

Anthony Foster, a British church musician, organist and composer, wrote this Easter anthem based on the hymn text by Michael Weisse (1480-1534) who was a pastor among the Bohemian Brethren, and a contemporary of Martin Luther. The original text was translated into English by Catherine Wentworth.

Christ the Lord is risen again;
Christ has broken every chain!
Hark, the angels shout for joy,
Singing evermore on high: Alleluia.

He who gave for us his life,
Who for us endured the strife,
Is our Paschal Lamb today.
We, too, sing for joy and say: Alleluia.

He who bore all pain and loss
Comfortless upon the cross,
Lives in glory now on high,
Pleads for us and hears our cry: Alleluia.

You, our Paschal Lamb indeed,
Christ, today your people feed,
Take our sins and guilt away,
That we all may sing for joy: Alleluia