Home Worship for Ascension Day, May 21, 2020

Dear members of the family of God,

On this the 40th day of Easter we read the passages in the Gospel according to Luke and in the Acts of the Apostles about Jesus’ ascension, and so we keep Ascension Day. In this time of lock- down and distance, this day can be of enormous comfort. Jesus has not gone away. He has gone to the right hand of God so that he might fill all things. He has come nearer, present for us in the scriptures he has opened and the Spirit he has poured out. If you are able, pray this prayers at 7:30pm on Thursday, May 21.

It is still Easter. Christ has risen! God is among us!

Worship material for May 21, 2020

The following have been posted to YouTube; here is the YouTube Playlist for May 21, 2020:

Music Notes

Musical Reflection: Chorale and One Variation from Sonata #6
Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

The Organ Sonata #6 in D minor (1845) demonstrates Mendelssohn’s consummate craftsmanship and mastery of organ texture in a set of variations upon the Lutheran Bach chorale Vater unser im Himmelreich (BWV416). Following a five-part harmonization of the Chorale, which pervades the sonata as a whole, Mendelssohn presents four variations of increasing brilliance before a restatement of the Chorale. Here I am playing the 3rd variation. Mendelssohn’s Organ Sonatas revitalised the then-moribund European organ tradition, spurred English organ-builders to new heights, and, through his particular blend of chorale, counterpoint and domestic spirituality, substantially augmented the organ repertoire for the first time since Bach.

Hymn of the Day: “Thine the Amen”, #826
Text: Herbert F. Brokering (1926) Tune: THINE, Carl F. Schalk (1929)

During a 2 week retreat at Holden Village in Washington State, Herbert Brokering wrote a text daily reflecting on the morning’s Bible study, and Carl Schalk, who was the composer for Brokering’s hymns, set it to music. It was a tough schedule, as both text and music had to be at the print shop by 3PM as the new hymn was sung the following morning, reviewing the previous day’s study. THINE was the 10th hymn in the series.