Home Worship for March 22, 2020

Dear members of God’s family at Resurrection Church:

Once again, worship has been cancelled at our church this coming Sunday, March 22. Because we cannot meet together face-to-face, here is a resource to help you join us all in shared prayer. Please be careful yourselves. And do pray together with all of us for our needy world.

If you wish, join in at 10AM on Sunday, March 22, praying separately in our homes, but together.

The following worship materials are available for this Sunday:

pdfHome Worship Bulletin for March 22, 2020

pdfChildren's Bulletin for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

pdfPastor Linman's Sermon for March 22, 2020

We have also published the following to YouTube, all of which are available in a YouTube playlist:

  • Barbara Verdile, Psalm 23
  • Pastor Linman's recorded sermon
  • Hymn #779, "Amazing Grace"
  • Hymn #324, "In The Cross Of Christ I Glory"
  • Organ offering, David Chenwien, "Amazing Grace"

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Gordon Lathrop