Children's Worship

Programming for your child during church services:

At Resurrection Lutheran, as Jesus did, we welcome children of all ages as integral members of the body of Christ, and we welcome the sounds and activity that accompany them! There are a number of spaces and activities designed for children to experience and participate in worship according to their needs; we trust families to work out the best option(s) for them and their child(ren) on any given day. Our options include:

Pray Ground

Our new Pray Ground, located in the back-right section of the sanctuary is specifically set aside for young children during worship to quietly engage in age-appropriate activities while experiencing worship in the sanctuary along with their families.  It consists of a rug, small table with child sized chairs, coloring sheets, crayons, blocks books, lacing cards, soft toys, puzzles…    

Pew Bags

Located in the back of the Sanctuary, these small bags are filled with crayons, doodle pads and other surprises which can help keep the squirms and wriggles at bay for mom and dad to enjoy the service.  Children’s Bibles and Bible story coloring sheets are also available, near the Pew Bags.


If your little one simply needs a break, our nursery is staffed during our 9:30 and 11:00 service for children from birth to 5 years of age.   Sound is piped in, so parishioners who may choose to stay in the nursery can hear what’s happening in worship, while children can play freely.