Confirmation is a dedicated period of spiritual education open to middle school students. Like Sunday School, it runs between September and June annually. In Lutheran Theology, we understand Confirmation as a process that prepares you to renew your affirmation of Baptism, and participate fully as a member of Christ’s Body in the life of both the congregation, and the larger Church Body. Throughout Confirmation youth are given an opportunity to examine what Lutherans believe about God, and to develop an understanding of their own beliefs and questions. Confirmation encompasses articles of our faith, but also chances to apply that to the needs of the world and one’s life. At Resurrection confirmation is a two-year commitment to participating in a class that meets two Sunday evenings a month. Classes include dinner and are two hours long. Confirmands that select to be confirmed after completing Confirmation will be welcomed in worship on Reformation Sunday in October. More details are made available to families at an info session held over the summer. Questions can be directed to our Youth Director, Amanda Lindamood, for additional information and logistics.