RELC’s Week of Vacation Bible School (July 15—19, 2019)

God’s Agent of Change conjures up images of a mighty band of superheroes with secret missions. When we take on the mission of being God’s agent of change in the world, we must be ready to be transformed – individually and together.

Our week was filled with fellowship amongst new and old friends, food, games, songs, art and service projects. Our bible stories brought about great and thoughtful conversations. May their capes continue to remind them of Philippians 4:13. I can do all this through him who gives me STRENGTH.

During the week we were blessed with Jillian and Hannah, camp counselors from Mar-lu-Ridge. Mar-lu-Ridge planned the bible stories and themes for the week and RELC planned the tours and service projects.

Our numbers were small this year. Fifteen versus roughly 40 from last year. I will share that there is value in a low number. What I noticed that I truly LOVED is during prayer time and discussing the bible stories, the kids were very present, the prayers were intentional and the discussions were focused. Yes, there were a couple of silly kids but we were able to easily reign them in with just one reminder that everyone can learn from the one speaking. With the smaller group I was able to hear the discussions and how they interpret the bible readings, which is always fascinating to me. Here’s a glimpse of what took place during our week of VBS.

Bible stories and themes for the week:

  • The early Christian community - Generosity
  • Parable of the wedding banquet - Inclusion
  • Parable of the good Samaritan - Compassion
  • Jesus heals the paralyzed man – Forgiveness
  • Parable of the laborers in the vineyard – Justice

Tours and visitors:

  • Walking tour to Westover Library
  • Sgt. Morrison and K-9 Jax

Service Projects:

  • Collected backpacks and school supplies to benefit children of parents incarcerated
  • Made fleece pet blankets and braided toys to be delivered to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington
  • Made cards to be included in our homeless bags; thank you cards for the Library tour and K-9 Jax.
  • Created beautiful cloth bags with art and assembled homeless kits. Families were then able to give a homeless bag to someone in need that they either walked past or while waiting at a light on any given street corner.

That was our week in VBS. A fun and Spirit-filled week of learning!