Home Worship for June 21, 2020

Dear members of God’s family at Resurrection Church,

On this Sunday we continue to read from the second great discourse in the Gospel according to Matthew, the Mission Instruction to the Disciples in Matthew 10. Those instructions come to us now, both seriously challenging us and profoundly comforting us. Join with the congregation on this Third Sunday after Pentecost — at 10am, if you are able — to hear this challenge and comfort and to pray together. Then turn to the new week refreshed in your calling as witness to God’s mercy and love..

Worship Service Broadcast

A pre-recorded worship service, complete with readings, Pastor Linman's sermon, prayers, and music will broadcast at 10am on Sunday, June 21 on our YouTube channel and will be available below:

Worship material for June 21, 2020

The following have been posted to YouTube; here is the YouTube Playlist for June 21, 2020:

Music Notes

Hymn of the Day: “Let Us Ever Walk With Jesus”, #802
Text: Sigismund von Birken (1626-1681)
Tune: LASSET UNS MIT JESU ZIEHEN, Georg G. Boltze (fl. 1750-1789)

Sigismund von Birken wrote this hymn for Passiontide, based on Luke 18:31-34, where Jesus turns his attention to Jerusalem. It was published in 1652. In 1910 it was translated into English and appeared in the ELW 1912. Von Birken wrote 52 hymns in all, but he was not able to shake off the artificial influences of the time, and not many of them have retained a place in German common use. Three have been translated into English.

In addition to his writing this hymn tune, we know Georg G. Boltze was a cantor and school teacher at an orphanage in Potsdam in 1750 and was still living in 1789. He wrote LASSET UNS MIT JESU ZIEHEN in 1788 for a different text. However, since the English translation of the “Let Us Ever Walk With Jesus,” tune and text have been paired.

Musical Reflection: Aire on “Bridegroom”, Mary Beth Bennett (1954)

Written in 1968, BRIDEGROOM is Peter Cutts’ best-known tune and appears in almost all major hymnals. Peter Cutts composed over 130 hymn tunes, some 90 of which appear in print throughout the English-speaking world, Bridegroom is most often found set to Carl Daw’s text, “Like the murmur of the dove’s song.”

Mary Beth Bennett is a recognized performer, improviser and composer living in historic Richmond, Virginia. Having held positions in Washington, D.C. at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and as Ceremonial Organ for the U. S. Government, she currently serves on the adjunct music faculty of the University of Richmond, and is Director of Music Ministries at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Gloucester, Virginia.