Home Worship for February 21, 2021

Dear members of God’s family at Resurrection Church,

Today we begin our Sundays in Lent. The day’s readings feature themes of baptism and how Jesus’ baptismal calling and ours drives us into the wilderness of the world in the service of divine rescue. If you are able, join the congregation with your own worship at home at 10am EST on Sunday or otherwise engage our home worship resources in ways appropriate to your circumstances.

Worship Service

A pre-recorded worship service, complete with readings, Pastor Linman's sermon, prayers, and music will broadcast at 10am EST on Sunday, February 21, on our YouTube channel and will be available below:


Worship material for February 21, 2021

The following have been posted to YouTube; here is the YouTube Playlist for February 21, 2021:

Music Notes

Hymn of the Day: “I Want Jesus To Walk With Me”, ELW 325
Text: African American Spiritual

The tune, called Sojourner, is named for Isabella Baumfree, a New York slave who escaped and then began to preach, sing, and advocate for women’s rights. She took the name Sojourner Truth. Also known as I Want Jesus to Walk with Me, the spiritual is a communal lament whose author and composer are unknown. Some think this may be one of the “white spirituals” which thrived for more than two hundred years in the rural Appalachian culture.

Musical Meditation: “A Mighty Fortress”, Anne Krenz Organ

Anne Krenz Organ serves as the Director of Music at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Park Ridge, IL. She is also composer of many works of church music, particularly choral and piano.

Choir Anthem: “A Lentten Walk”, Hal H. Hobson

This is a haunting setting of the familiar American spiritual, Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley. The ostinato continually accompanies us on our walk.
Hal H. Hobson is a full-time composer and church musician residing in Cedar Park, Texas. He has over 3000 published works, which comprise almost every musical form in church music. With a special interest in congregational song, he continues to make a significant contribution to the new repertoire of hymn tunes and responsorial psalm settings as evidenced by the proliferation of his settings that are included in newly published hymnals and psalm collections.

Jesus walked this lonesome valley,
he had to walk it by himself;
Oh, nobody else could walk it for him,
he had to walk it by himself.

We must walk this lonesome valley,
we have to walk it by our- selves;
Oh, nobody else can walk it for us,
we have to walk it by ourselves.